About DIANA project

The key area where the tourism sector in Europe can increase its offerings of sustainable and higher quality products and services, with greater value for customers, is by making tourism offers “accessible for all”


The vision of the project is to enhance the accessibility of protected natural areas, starting from those in Italy and Macedonia, for all types of visitors by reducing the lack of human resources trained to cater with customers with accessibility needs in the tourism sector.


The mission is to promote inclusive cultural participation by improving the accessible hospitality skills of tour operators in natural areas, including nature and hiking guides. This will promote the social inclusion of travellers with disabilities and respect their identity within the tourism industry.

Project’s main outputs


A Compendium of best practices in Accessibility and Inclusive Tourism in protected natural areas

The Compendium of best practices is a unique document which collects the most relevant good practices and examples about accessible solutions applied in nature areas around the world.


An Accessible and Inclusive Tourism in Nature Areas Trianing Toolkit

The Toolkit is a practical handbook to improve nature guides’ competences for promoting and implementing inclusive tours in natural areas. It contains short theoretical explanations and concrete practical advice, recommendations and activities to become an accessibile nature guide.


Short piloting training sessions

Two-days focused training sessions in Italy and Macedonia during which the nature and hiking guides will test and validate the Accessible and Inclusive Tourism in Nature Areas Training Toolkit. 


Dissemination activities

Local round tables with stakeholders, internal and external events and meetings, digital channels and one final multiplier event in Italy are already planned to involve stakeholders from all partner countries and beyond.


The logo

The logo chosen for the project represents a butterfly, symbol of freedom, and the various landscapes of the areas involved in the project at the present time, but also in the future, leaving space for possible developments.

Transnational meetings and events

Transnational partner meetings and a multiplier event are scheduled to take place over the course of the project.

Check the Agenda for further details.

The partnership



“The activity of environmental and sustainability education and the promotion for the valorisation of the cultural and environmental heritage of Liguria Region” is the social mission of cooperative D.A.F.N.E., a social enterprise that was founded in Italy in 1994. The cooperative has been able to organize travel packages with an emphasis on green and outdoor tourism since 2013 by acting as a tour operator (Dafne Viaggi, www.dafneviaggi.com). Its guides are qualified for the roles of environmental hiking guide and tourist guide and have a track record of success in the field of environmental education. The management of environmental education centers, natural tourism, guided tours, and tour are the primary services provided.



With eight member nations from the Balkans and Italy, BALKANIA is an association for alternative tourism whose goals are to market the Balkan region as a travel destination, encourage the region’s tourism industry’s expansion, and highlight its remarkable natural, historical, cultural, and anthropological heritage.

It focuses on initiatives that support the growth of adult education, sustainable and rural tourism competencies, and the network of tourism operators it represents.

It works together with national organizations, NGOs, and pertinent tourism players. It has continuously maintained this network since its creation in 2009, mostly by exchanging skills and knowledge, but it has also offered personnel upskilling and networking opportunities. It has developed its own skills and abilities, implementing research projects, educational initiatives, and entrepreneurial ventures to promote the creation of new professional opportunities.

koan colsulting


It is a Spanish consultancy firm that specialises in the planning, management, development, and marketing of sustainable destinations around the world.

It outlines strategies and metrics for sustainability for both large and small regions in emerging nations, as well as for rural areas in Europe. It specializes in applications of heritage interpretation for the development of tourism products (both tangible and intangible, cultural and natural heritage).

Expertise in fields closely linked to this project:

  • developing and implementing sustainable and responsible tourism strategies;
  • creating social and environmental sustainability indicators;
  • strategic and operational tourism marketing;
  • international tourism cooperation;
  • using tourism to promote local development;
  • providing online and offline tourism training;
  • conducting market intelligence studies in the tourism industry;
  • interpreting and leveraging heritage through tourism;
  • and providing training and mentorship to tourism entrepreneurs.

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